MLS NEXT Pro Proposed New Multi-Use Soccer Stadium, Phase 2 Preliminary Design

study summary

In March 2024, the Maryland Stadium Authority (MSA) Board of Directors approved a request from the Maryland Department of Commerce (DOC) for the MSA to manage a phase 2 preliminary design effort for a proposed new multi-use soccer stadium to be operated by DC United. The phase 1, MLS NEXT Pro Proposed New Multi-Use Soccer Stadium Business Advisory Services study was completed in December 2023. The scope of the preliminary design will include site analysis, conceptual design, budget analysis and due diligence for two identified sites, Carroll Park and Swann Park, located in the City of Baltimore. The estimated cost for the study is $450,000.00 and will be funded as follows:

  • DC United:$225,000
  • DOC: $100,000
  • City of Baltimore: $100,000
  • MSA: $25,000

Request for Proposals - Architectural/Engineering Services - MLS NEXT Pro Multi-Use Soccer Stadium Preliminary Design
The Maryland Department of Commerce and MSA are negotiating a Memorandum of Understanding for MSA to provide preliminary design architectural/engineering services related to the potential development of a new multi-use soccer stadium, as described in this RFP, to be located and constructed in Baltimore, Maryland. MSA is seeking a highly qualified Architect/Engineer firm to provide the preliminary design services described in Sections 3.3 of this Request for Proposal

Study Director

Gary McGuigan, Executive Vice President, Capital Projects Development Group

Study Manager

Al Tyler, Vice President, Capital Projects Development Group

Study Lead

Malaika Damon, Senior Project Coordinator, Capital Projects Development Group