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For over 35 years, the Maryland Stadium Authority has completed projects in partnership with local governments, universities and the private sector throughout Maryland. These include convention centers, museums, theaters, parks and campus centers in addition to sports arenas. They have been completed on time, on budget. The Maryland Stadium Authority is committed to enhancing the lives of all those who visit our 85 acre Camden Yards Sports Complex- whether for work or for play and for those who utilize the projects we have developed throughout the state. 

The Maryland Stadium Authority was established by legislation and enacted by the State of Maryland July 1, 1986, to select a site and develop financing alternatives for stadium facilities in the Baltimore Metropolitan area. In July 1, 1987, the law was amended to enable the construction of new facilities, including baseball and football stadiums, in the Camden Yards area of Baltimore City. The amendment also established MSA as an independent unit in the Executive Branch of the State government. From then on, MSA has continued to grow and thrive over the next three decades:


  • July 1, 1986: Herbert J. Belgrad named Chairman of the Board of Directors; Edward Cline became Acting Executive Director of the Maryland Stadium Authority 
  • July 1, 1987: Chris T. Delaporte named Executive Director of MSA
  • 1988: Memo of agreement with Orioles signed; life officially begins anew at Camden Yards
  • February 6, 1989: Bruce Hoffman becomes Executive Director of MSA 
  • June 28, 1989: Camden Yards ballpark groundbreaking- Former Governor Schafer "threw the first pitch" with a wrecking ball painted like a baseball


  • February 6, 1990: Location of home plate determined for OPACY- Orioles Pete Harnisch, Elrod Hendricks & Randy Milligan were on hand for the first unofficial first pitch and ball hit at Camden Yards
  • April 6, 1992: Opening Day for Oriole Park at Camden Yards
  • July 13, 1993: MLB All-Star Game
  • October 1994: MSA staff move into The Warehouse at Camden Yards
  • 1995: First tenant in The Warehouse at Camden Yards move in (Waverly Press- now Wolters Kluwer)
  • 1995: John A Moag, Jr. named Chairman of the Board
  • October 8, 1995: Pope John Paul II visited Baltimore and held mass with more than 50,000 people at OPACY
  • September 1996: Expansion project completed- Baltimore City Convention Center
  • July 23, 1996: Camden Yards NFL Stadium (now M&T Bank Stadium) project construction ceremony took place
  • April 1997: Renovation project completed- Baltimore City Convention Center
  • 1997: Expansion and renovation project completed- Ocean City Convention Center
  • August 6, 1998: NFL Stadium at Camden Yards (now M&T Bank Stadium) opens with Steelers v. Ravens
  • May 1999: WHFStival: First major concert at CYSC (80,000 attendees)
  • 1999: John Brown, III named Chairman of the Board


  • February 8, 2000: Richard W. Slosson becomes Executive Director of MSA
  • December 2000: First Army vs. Navy game at M&T Bank Stadium
  • 2003: Carl A.J. Wright named Chairman of the Board
  • February 2004: Renovation project completed- Hippodrome Performing Arts Center opens in Baltimore City
  • March 18, 2004: Alison L. Asti starts as Executive Director of MSA
  • December 2004: Design and construction project completed- Opening of Montgomery County Conference Center
  • 2005: Robert L. McKinney named Chairman of the Board
  • May 14, 2005: Camden Station reopens to the public
  • July 2007: Frederick W. Puddester appointed Chairman of the Board
  • September 27, 2007: David A. Raith appointed Acting Executive Director; also continues as CFO
  • 2008: John Morton, III appointed Chairman of the Board
  • August 2008: Creation of Maryland Office of Sports Marketing (now Maryland Sports)
  • December 1, 2008: Michael J. Frenz starts as new Executive Director 
  • July 31, 2009: first soccer match at M&T Bank Stadium- largest attended sporting event in stadium history

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Tuesday, July 2, 2024, 12:00 p.m. 
The Warehouse at Camden Yards
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333 W. Camden St., Suite 500
Baltimore, MD  21201
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