Redevelopment of the Pimlico Racing and Laurel Park Racing Facilities

project Summary

With the enactment of the Racing and Community Development Act of 2020 legislation in June 2020, the Maryland Stadium Authority (MSA) is authorized to finance up to $375 million for the planning, design, and construction of the Pimlico and Laurel Park Racing facilities. Previously, MSA managed the Pimlico Race Course studies that examined the present conditions of Pimlico, then envisioned an ideal venue for the Preakness Stakes with year-round non-racing use of the facility for the benefit of the community.

Immediately upon the enactment of the legislation, MSA initiated the preliminary planning stages of procuring and engaging professionals to partner on this historic, highly complex, multi-jurisdictional, multi-year project. The project will primarily include construction and improvements of the racecourses, stables and clubhouses, at sites in both the City of Baltimore and Anne Arundel County. 

Racing and Community Development Act of 2020:

Pimlico Race Course Study, Phase I & 2:

Maryland Stadium Authority Management of the Redevelopment of Pimlico Race Course and Laurel Park Project on Track
Procuring and Engaging Professionals to Partner on this Historic and Highly Complex, Multi-Step, Multi-Jurisdictional, Multi-Year Project is Underway (more information)


Project Director

Gary McGuigan, Executive Vice President, Capital Projects Development Group

Project Executives

Al Tyler, Vice President, Capital Projects Development Group

Senior Project Manager

Chris Deremeik, Senior Project Manger, Capital Projects Development Group

Project Budget