Maryland Stadium Authority Releases Economic Analysis for a Proposed New Outdoor Sports Field Complex in Worcester County


Findings of the Phase 2 study presented to the Worcester County Commissioners 

Contact: Rachelina Bonacci, Public Information Officer

Maryland Stadium Authority


Baltimore, MD- The Maryland Stadium Authority has released Phase 2 of an economic analysis study to further determine the feasibility of a multi-purpose outdoor sports field complex in Worcester County. An outdoor sports field complex increases the County’s ability to host multi-sport, multi-day, State, regional, and national tournaments/competitions and supports the County’s overall economic growth initiatives. 

The Phase 1 study released in February 2017 concluded there is relatively limited market demand for an arena/ice rink, however, there is market demand for an outdoor sports field complex that offers a critical mass of multi-purpose, rectangular fields to be used for tournament (primary) and recreational (secondary) purposes. 

With the approval by the Worcester County Commissioners, the Maryland Stadium Authority, Worcester County, and Maryland Department of Commerce proceeded with the Phase 2 study for the outdoor sports field complex. 

The Phase 2 study contains an economic and physical programming analysis related to the outdoor sports field complex. It includes the outlining of the recommended building program and site parameters. Plus a profile of fifteen (15) comparable outdoor sports facilities in terms of ownership/management structure, building program elements, event activity, financial operations, and operating strategies. Additionally, the study estimates the economic impacts in terms of spending, employment, and earnings associated with on-going operations of the complex. 

“I'm very encouraged by the opportunity presented by the Maryland Stadium Authority through these analyses,” Worcester County Economic Development Director Merry Mears said. “Our tourism economy is thriving, and our local business community is adept at accommodating large influxes of visitors, as this development would present. Sports tourism and the ability to meet the demands of this industry no doubt would be an enhancement to our County’s economy.” 

Maryland Stadium Authority Chairman Thomas Kelso added his thoughts. “The Maryland Stadium Authority was pleased to undertake the secondary study to provide Worcester County with an economic analysis that will allow them to determine how they wish to proceed,” he said. “We look forward to potential next steps to further refine the program elements and development schedule.” Worcester County, the town of Ocean City, and Wicomico County work collaboratively with Maryland Sports, to market and leverage their combined assets to attract visitors for sporting events, especially in non-peak months. Events at the proposed outdoor sports field complex could include lacrosse, soccer, rugby and ultimate Frisbee. Based on market research, it is estimated that 90% of these events would be incremental new to the County and 75% incremental new to the State.

Read the Economic Analysis for a Proposed New Outdoor Sports Field Complex in Worcester County full report

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