Prince George's County Proposed Tennis Complex Study

study summary

In May 2020, the Maryland Stadium Authority’s (MSA) Board of Directors approved a request from the Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission (M-NCPPC) Department of Parks and Recreation for the MSA to manage a market and economic study to determine the feasibility of developing a potential tennis complex in Prince George’s County. The County’s Department of Parks and Recreation have identified this project as a priority in the County.

Prince George’s County requested the use of the MSA’s on-call market, economic, and business consultant, Crossroads Consulting Services, LLC to perform the study. The study includes preliminary due diligence, a community survey, and market, economic and program recommendation.  Although the report is non-site specific, it does contain an analysis of how the recommended program elements may fit at three potential sites identified by the M-NCPPC Department of Parks and Recreation.

The total cost of the study was $208,920 and was fully funded by Prince George’s County.
In April 2022, the MSA was pleased to publish the Feasibility Study: Developing an Indoor/Outdoor Tennis Complex Prince George’s County, Maryland.

MSA’s role in managing studies is to provide unbiased and objective analysis which provides information to local officials to assist in the decision-making process about investment and benefits for their communities and constituents.

Study Director

Gary McGuigan, Executive Vice President, Capital Projects Development Group

Study Manager

Al Tyler, Vice President, Capital Projects Development Group

Study Budget


Market/Economic Study:

Crossroads Consulting Services, LLC