Ocean City Indoor Fieldhouse & Outdoor Field Complex Study, Phase 1

study summary

In April 2019, Maryland Stadium Authority (MSA) Board of Directors approved the Mayor of the Town of Ocean City’s request for MSA to conduct a market and economic study related to a proposed sports complex in or near Ocean City, MD. The proposed sports complex would include an indoor fieldhouse and an outdoor field complex that could accommodate youth / amateur leagues and tournaments. Total cost of the study was $49,400 and fully funded by the Town of Ocean City.

In November 2021, the MSA was pleased to publish the market and economic analysis study for a proposed new indoor fieldhouse and outdoor field complex in or near Ocean City, Maryland.

Market and Economic Analysis for an Indoor Fieldhouse and Outdoor Field Complex in Ocean City, Maryland 

MSA’s role in managing studies is to provide unbiased and objective analysis which provides information to local officials to assist in the decision-making process about investment and benefits for their communities and constituents.

Study Director

Gary McGuigan, Executive Vice President, Capital Projects Development Group

Study Manager

Al Tyler, Vice President, Capital Projects Development Group

Study Budget


Market/Economic Study:

Crossroads Consulting, LLC