Prince George’s County Blue Line Corridor Sports and Entertainment Facilities – Feasibility Study & Design/Build Services

project Summary

In April 2022, the Maryland Stadium Authority (MSA) Board of Directors approved a request by the County Executive of Prince George’s County for MSA’s assistance with respect to the feasibility, design, development, and construction of proposed sports and entertainment facilities in Central Prince George’s County along the Blue Line Corridor. The proposed facilities include the following:

  • Central Library, Cultural Center and Magnet Charter School
  • Basketball / Volleyball Fieldhouse
  • Central Avenue Market Hall
  • Civic Plaza
  • FedEx Field (Stadium Demolition)

In December 2022, the MSA successfully negotiated and its Board of Directors approved a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) which will dictate roles and responsibilities of both parties. In January 2023, the Maryland Board of Public Works approved the MOU that formally begins the process to issue up to $400 million in bonds for economic development along the Prince George's County Blue Line Corridor. Of note, with the exception of the stadium demolition at FedEx Field, Prince George’s County anticipates that all other proposed facilities would be constructed on land owned by the county and/or of public and quasi-public partners, all of whom were partners in creating the Blue Line Corridor vision.

Project Director

Al Tyler, Vice President, Capital Projects Development Group

Project Executives

Gary McGuigan, Executive Vice President, Capital Projects Development Group