Memorial Stadium

project Summary

Built originally in 1949-1950 and immediately the subject of modification and expansion, in 1954 Memorial Stadium became the official home of the American League's Baltimore Orioles and the National Football League's Baltimore Colts. Following the move of the Orioles to Camden Yards in 1992, Memorial Stadium hosted the Canadian Football League's Stallions and then the Baltimore Ravens. When the Ravens left for their new home at Camden Yards in 1998, planning for the future of Memorial Stadium began again. Ultimately the City of Baltimore made the decision that Memorial Stadium would be demolished and the Maryland Stadium Authority was given responsibility for overseeing the demolition.

The first steps of the demolition project included environmental remediation and salvage operations. Then, working closely with representatives of the Babe Ruth Museum, in 2000 MSA began removal of seats and other memorabilia from the stadium. Items ranging from rest room signs and police call boxes to lockers and ceiling fans were unearthed. In October, 2000, a public sale and auction was held at Memorial Stadium affording lifelong Baltimore sports fans an opportunity to obtain a special memento of the grand old stadium and, at the same time, generating revenues to offset demolition costs. Demolition of Memorial Stadium began in February, 2001 and was completed in the Spring of 2002.

Project Manager

Edward E. Cline


Demo Contactor: Potts & Callahan

Construction Manager

Site Rep: Jeffrey K. Provenzano

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