Lyndhurst Elementary School

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project Summary

Lyndhurst opened its doors in 1926 and received additions in 1951 and 1982.

With the planned closure of nearby Rognel Heights Elementary/Middle School and anticipated growth in this west side area of the city with the Uplands development and Red Line light rail expansion, Lyndhurst is ready to grow once again.

To preserve the school’s historic character, the original 1926 building will be maintained and renovated, while the two additions will be replaced by new construction offering numerous classrooms and flexible spaces designed with 21st-century learning in mind.

Flow within the building will ensure efficient use of space while maintaining distinct areas for older and younger learners, and common spaces will be enlarged to accommodate a larger student population and access for community use in out-of-school hours.

Project Executives

Gary A. McGuigan & Eric Johnson


STV Inc.

Construction Manager

Turner Construction

Project Budget


Completion Date

January 2018