Baltimore School Construction Project Partners Develop Memorandum of Understanding

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Baltimore School Construction Project Partners Develop Memorandum of Understanding

Plans to renovate and replace aging Baltimore City schools took a step forward with the development of a Memorandum of Understanding among the four public agencies involved in the multi-year series of projects.

The Baltimore City Public Schools Construction and Revitalization Act of 2013, authorizing the ambitious program, requires the Maryland Stadium Authority, Baltimore City, the Baltimore City Board of School Commissioners, and the Interagency Committee on School Construction to "specify the parameters" with regard to "roles, rights and responsibilities" of each party as to "process and management of program development, scheduling, budgeting, procurement, design, construction" and other aspects of the program in a Memorandum of Understanding by October 1, 2013.

This MOU must be accepted by each party's authorizing body before final approval by Maryland Board of Public Works. This is scheduled for Wednesday, October 16, 2013.

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