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Tuesday, June 20th
8:00 AM

Executive Boardroom


Warehouse at Camden Yards
333 W. Camden St., Suite 500
Baltimore, MD  21201

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Environmental Landscaping

flowersAs one of the most visible public facilities in the state, Camden Yards should be a model for best practices. In 2009, the Stadium Authority began steps to make Camden Yards more environmentally sensitive through "bayscaping" techniques. Installing more trees, native vegetation, and perennials around the complex reduces the need for irrigating, fertilizing, and mowing. It also prevents erosion and mitigates runoff in the fragile watershed.

In 2008 a failing swale at M&T Bank Stadium, part of the original stormwater system into the retention pond, was replanted into a rain garden with decorative perennials, hollies, and soil retentive grasses that filter pollutants from nearby pavement runoff.

Turf around the fuel dock was replaced with native vegetation and absorbent material to reduce runoff and maintenance.

The eroding bank below the light rail pedestrian bridge was stabilized and beautified with drought resistant ornamental grasses and hardy purple butterfly bushes.

planting flowers at the Veterans MemorialIn 2009, the Stadium Authority contracted with Maryland Correctional Enterprises to plant the grounds and receptacles at Oriole Park for 2009 season, incorporating more perennials in the design. This furthered MSA's overall plan to make Camden Yards an example of responsible stewardship, and to economize by reducing maintenance costs.

During this transition, MSA developed a concept for a more sustainable landscaping plan that would comply with the administration's commitment to energy conservation and environmental sensitivity. The goal is a national model for best practices in sustainable public design, an educational showcase for Maryland citizens, and a more beautiful urban park.

Overall Target Savings:

  • Less maintenance in mowing and watering.Planting shrubs
  • Less cost for fertilizer, herbicides, and reseeding.
  • Less annual replacement, using perennials, propagating bulbs, ornamental grasses and trees.
  • Reduced carbon footprint, energy cost in gas and electricity consumption.

In 2010, Maryland Stadium Authority partnered with the ARC of Maryland to implement the environmental landscaping plan for Oriole Park. Hundreds of trees, shrubs and perennials were planted in the beds and around the gateways to the complex.

Crape Myrtle

In early 2011, 70 crape myrtles in ornamental planters were installed around the east side of the Warehouse. By late summer, the flowering trees with colorful annuals provided an attractive new entrance to the complex. They are watered with roof runoff captured in a 7,000 gallon tank installed under the parking lot.

Sycamore treesA dozen mature sycamore trees were placed along the pedestrian throughway between Camden Station and the Conway entrance, providing instant canopy. The ornamental cherry trees they replaced were transplanted to the west side of Oriole Park.

Earth Day 2010 fell on "Take Your Child to Work Day," and the MSA kids got into the spirit by planting trees, shrubs and perennials on the complex.
take your child to work day children planting