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Next MSA Board of Directors Meeting

Tuesday, June 6th
3:00 PM

Executive Boardroom

Warehouse at Camden Yards
333 W. Camden St., Suite 500
Baltimore, MD  21201


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Maryland Sports
Maryland Sports
A Division of the Maryland Stadium Authority


Show Place Arena and Prince George's County Equestrian Center

Location: Upper Marlboro, Maryland

Show Place Arena

Project Summary:

In December 2011, Maryland-National Capital Parks and Planning Commission (M-NCPPC) requested Maryland Stadium Authority to perform an Operations study and a Market and Economic study of the Show Place Arena and related Prince George's Equestrian Center (SPA/PGEC) in Upper Marlboro, Maryland.

The Operations study reviews and evaluates the operation and managerial structures, governance, staffing levels and overall performance and effectiveness of the SPA/PGEC.

The Market and Economic study evaluates the overall economic, fiscal and market impact of the SPA/PGEC.

The studies were released on October 10, 2014. Access the studies at http://www.SPA/PGCECstudies2013

Senior Vice President:
Gary A. McGuigan

Senior Project Manager:
Al Tyler 

Operational Study:
CS&L International

Study Cost:

Market/Economic Study:

Study Cost: