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Next MSA Board of Directors Meeting

Tuesday, June 20th
8:00 AM

Executive Boardroom


Warehouse at Camden Yards
333 W. Camden St., Suite 500
Baltimore, MD  21201

 Meeting notice current as of 6/19/2017


Maryland Sports
Maryland Sports
A Division of the Maryland Stadium Authority


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    Our current projects include:

    * 21st Century School Buildings Program (Baltimore City Schools)

    * C.O.R.E (demolition and stabilization of blighted Baltimore properties)

    * Construction and maintenance services at the Camden Yards Sports Complex

    * Various construction projects and studies throughout Maryland (go to Home page for current contracting opportunities)

    MSA would like to know more about you and the services your company provides. Please submit the following information. This will not be shared without the expressed written consent of the respondent.

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